Advanced AdWords Training

Target audience

The Advanced Google AdWords training is for those who have been managing campaigns for quite a bit but would like to take their knowledge to the next level. Usually it’s a mix of agency Account Managers, exporting customers and generally people who really care about their AdWords accounts or are curios to learn more. If you don’t have prior AdWords knowledge you should start with the AdWords Fundamentals course. Unless you are a really-really fast learner and are willing to do a couple of intensive days of self-study before the training.

You’ll learn a lot of tips and tricks how to set up campaigns faster and save time with both new and old campaigns and reporting. You’ll get a list of 14 main optimization to-dos and things to check when you are optimizing campaigns. We can promise that even if you thought there’s nothing more you could do to improve your results, you’ll learn some new and valuable tips that will quickly pay for itself.

The training is also suitable to those who have already passed the Google Certification Exams as are topics will go well beyond the exam topics but if you haven’t passed the exams yet, you’ll pass them like a breeze after this training.

The trainer

The trainer is the founder of ePPC and ex-Googler Karl Pae, who has been training agencies and advertisers in the Baltics and beyond since 2008. He is also a Google Certified Trainer meaning that Google has vouched for him and can confirm he knows what he’s doing.

Time and location

The training will take place April 6, 2016, 9.45–17.00 at Mektory (Raja 15), the innovation hub of Tallinn Technical University.


  • AdWords reports you should follow – detective work!
  • Daily optimization – things you should do daily, weekly, monthly.
  • Finding the optimal cost per click – does it always pay off to be no.1?
  • Automated Rules – let Google do some of the work for you.
  • AdWords scripts – everything you thought is impossible is actually possible with scripts (even if you have no clue about programming).
  • Remarketing for Search – optimizing Search campaigns level 2.
  • Google Analytics – custom segments and building remarketing campaigns on these;
  • Google Display Network ja YouTube optimizations – don’t waste your money on accidental clicks from gaming apps or childrens videos.
  • AdWords Editor – how to do all of the above without wasting hours and how to do things you’ve never got around to because you haven’t had the time.
  • Simply reporting with add-ons for Google Spreadsheets and other non-Google tools.
  • New and exciting features in AdWords.

More reasons to participate:

  • The trainings have never been dull lectures but active discussions and knowledge sharing sessions.
  • This is probably the only Advanced AdWords training in Estonia and the only AdWords training in English!
  • As the training is really practical, you’ll get real added value and earn back the price of the training in no time. You will discover places your account has been leaking money and you’ll save a ton of time by learning new ways how to do things faster and more efficiently.
  • 5/5 feedback score for the last training.

Participation fees:

The number of participants is limited (max 15) so everybody can participate and ask as many questions as you want. The price also includes lunch, coffee, tea and snacks. Reach out to if you have any questions about the training!

Feedback from our participants (translated from Estonian):

The training was really educational and reminded me of all the Fundamentals that I had somewhere in back of my head. I really liked the practical parts and perhaps there could have been more of these. I got stuck with some things but it was cool to experiment later on in the evening at home. The Trainer was on top of his game and was able to reply to questions without googling them which is a bit of a rarity nowadays:)

Janar Kauber
Playluggage oü / Intersun Web Marketing

I truly recommend the Advanced AdWords Training. Even if you are a top AdWords expert, Karl will surprise you with some new tips and tricks.
Kairo Kraaner

The training was nicely structured. I got to remind myself of some Fundamentals, hear ideas from others and experiments they had done and also discover new and faster ways to make my work more efficient. Very satisfied!

Jane Aruväli
Ferratum Grupp

It was great to get answers to very specific questions about the way various Google platforms work. The trainer was very competent. 

Maksim Maškin

Ergo Kindlustus

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