Display Ads

Through the Google Display Network you can reach pretty much all the Internet users in the world, and it is one of the most common online advertising platforms. Any blogger or major news publisher can join the Google AdSense program, which allows websites to show relevant and targeted ads to their visitors, without the need for a sales team. Google AdSense and Google Display Network are basically two sides of the same coin. The Display Network is great for businesses that sell unique products or services and need to create brand awareness.

Benefits of using Display Network:

  • Same flexible terms as with search ads (pause your campaigns anytime, control your daily spending limit, CPC etc.)
  • Possibility to target millions of sites – the display network includes Google’s own sites (Youtube, Gmail etc.), major news sites (newyorktimes.com, mashable.com, forbes.com etc.) but also independent blogs and most mobile apps.
  • Create contextual ads, upload banners or make your own banner from scratch, by using the Google Display AdBuilder tool.
  • Different targeting methods- you can target specific sites, sites based on their content, user demographics (sex, age), interests (sports, cars) or you can combine all of them.
  • You can target people who are not aware of your product or service yet (e.g. a new innovative technology for tech fans).

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