Google Analytics

No Adwords Campaign should ever run without Google Analytics. Period.

Before we start analyzing your campaign, we will review your Analytics account and give advice on how to improve (or where to begin, if you haven’t linked Adwords with Analytics). We will set up goals and events in Google Analytics, so you can measure and track how well your ads are performing. The main aim is to get as many conversions as possible at a suitable conversion cost (or CPA – Cost-per-Acquistion), or in other words – maximize your return on investment.

Don’t worry if this sounds complicated, you are not the first customer nor the last one to think that 🙂


We never set-up any campaigns without linking Analytics with Adwords and vice versa, unless you have a specific reason why not (e.g. some other software that lets you track conversions).

All online stores should use e-commerce tracking (now called enhanced e-commerce tracking) which gives great options specifically for e-commerce. The set-up of Google Analytics e-commerce tracking can be a bit tricky but we can help explain it to your developers or have our developer partners set it up for you as a service.

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