Multi-lingual Campaigns

International campaigns are our favorite – the more languages and countries – the merrier! Our main goal has been to offer online marketing worldwide (hence the name of our legal entity – Export Digital OÜ), however we do serve clients from our homeland – Estonia as well.

Why is Google Adwords Beneficial when Entering New Markets?

  • Google Ad’s are the best way to promote your business in a new market. You don’t need to be familiar with the local market you are trying to enter (well, it wouldn’t hurt to be familiar with it) but from our experience, we know that many things work the same way in many countries and we have our own special tools and ways that help us identify cultural differences.
  • Google Adwords lets you connect with the right audience. If you have a product, or service that is meant for a very niche market, it will significantly simplify marketing for you. We know that it’s always challenging to find the right advertising platform in order to reach your target audience, and make sure you are not wasting your media budget on people who are not interested in your product or service. Google Adwords, however, lets you choose the characteristics of your audience in a very granular way.
  • Everything else Google AdWords offers – flexible terms, such as availability to pause anytime, control your budget and CPCs, track conversions, and a lot more!

Why use Our Help?

  • We have a lot of experience – we’ve probably done campaigns in every single language and currently, we have active campaigns in more than twenty different languages.
  • We speak MANY different languages – besides English, Estonian, Finnish and French (our native languages) we also speak Swedish, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian, which cover almost every family of languages in Europe and therefore none of the European languages are completely ‘new’ for us.
  • We have an international background- we have lived in UK, Ireland, USA (both west coast and east coast), Italy, France, Chile, Thailand, Poland, Finland, Malaysia, Denmark and probably I’m forgetting some.

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