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By being on this site, you probably know that Google is number one search engine in the world and one of the most effective advertising platforms

Google alone owns 31% of the world’s online advertising revenue and in the US, search engine ads make up 43% of the digital advertising spend.

So How Do Search Ads Work?

Basically, search ads are displayed, when people search for certain products or services in a search engines. Besides seeing organic search results, people will also see paid advertisements, depending on the keywords your business has bid on. The placement of your ad (whether it is the 1st or 5th) will depend on the keyword bid amount and the quality of your ad and your website, so that nobody could spam the search results. You only have to pay, when someone clicks on your ad, not when your ad is displayed. This is called Pay-Per-Click aka PPC. Now check the URL-name of this website, hehee. 🙂 This is exactly the reason why search ads have become so popular – search engines only show ads that relate to user interests, and businesses only pay when their ad has been clicked. Here’s a short explanatory video:

Why Use Assistance with Google Adwords?

For smaller campaigns, the set-up is not rocket science and it is quite manageable – as Google has explained in its videos, but if you truly want great results, it does require a little bit more time and know-how about the system. A large-scale research showed, that, if your ad quality is above average, the cost per click could be 50% lower. However, if your ad has below average quality – the cost per click could be 400% more expensive! For example, if your average CPC is €0.1, then with a great quality score, the cost per click could be €0.05, and with a very poor quality score, the cost could be €0.40.

Why Use our Help?

To continue the previous story, for one of our clients, we tripled the amount of clicks but spent 25% less in total which decreased the cost per acquisition (CPA) by 80%! The client did have to pay the agency fee, but in all fairness, it was a lot lower than what they saved from the overall campaign cost. This, of course, won’t happen every single time, but we are pretty confident that we can improve your performance. Before taking on a new client we review the account and if there’s nothing we see that could be improved – well, we’ll just congratulate you on a job well done and leave it at that. That’s yet to happen though. We don’t use lengthy binding contracts but we do however recommend giving it at least three months to get the best results. Usually, the improvements will be visible sooner, but sometimes it will take time to experiment and find the most optimal strategy. All the campaigns are overseen by a former Google employee, who has helped hundreds, if not thousands of businesses with their Adwords campaigns. ePPC is also part of the Google Partners Program, which is an approval from Google on the quality of our work. With a very little time, we have already become one of the biggest AdWords agencies in the Baltic region. You can read more about us here.

What Exactly Does the Search Ad Campaign Set-Up and Management Include?

First, we configure goals in Google Analytics and link them with your Google Adwords account, so we have something we can measure. Then, we determine the keywords that should be used and make sure they correspond to the relevant ads (people who search for toasters want to see an ad about toasters and get taken directly to a page selling toasters, not some generic home appliances page). We will also add relevant extensions to the ads, so that people can get more information faster and we’ll eliminate unwanted traffic (e.g. people who look for free stuff). The set-up is followed by regular campaign optimization which includes analyzing the results and making changes where necessary to maximize ROI.

And the Cost?

  • The initial campaign setup depends on the complexity of the campaign(s).
  • Monthly campaign management – 15% of the budget (or minimum 400€/month).
  • PS! If this is your first Adwords campaign, we will give you €80 worth of AdWords credit for free!
  • You can pause the campaign anytime, anywhere, and you will get full access to the account.

I’m not Convinced

If you like, we can conduct an audit for your account, and give you detailed instructions on how to improve. Audit cost depends on the size of the account, but generally starts at €400. If we don’t have any recommendations you deem valid, the audit will be free of charge!

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